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Monday, 1 August 2011

Blog On...

Blog on....

Hi Camberwell Campers,

To continue our blog saga we have just finished tidying up after Ember Phoenix’s party/shoot in our Large Studio 1. Embers entourage finished a huge 2 day shoot by popping champagne and celebrating. Little did some of the crew know that they would have to hold the rap party until the edit was complete.  Look out for Embers new mix tape viral campaign by tuning into our Facebook and Tweets.

AV Films get regular work with artists and will be back to use the Studios in all of its states. White, black, Green. AV Films are a perfect example of how the Space can be used and how much fun shoots can be.  Apart from cleaning up the champagne that is!

To cap off a celebrity filled few weeks we welcomed Channel 4 and Miss Dynamite to the Studios.

Also at the Studios this week. We are editing the final pieces of our new edition to our Camberwell Studios Production guide. This will give you some simple tips on lighting for green screen. Starring our work experience girl  who was a very good subject to work with. See our 1st instalment of this series here.

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Until next time...

Sam Parkinson

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