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Monday, 22 August 2011

A blog a day...

Hi Loyal Camberwell Studio Blog readers,

I have had a lot of fun writing these blogs. It gives me a chance to look back on the past week and reflect about the people I’ve met and the things I have learnt regarding green-screen shoots, camera set-ups, lighting techniques. I have almost finished editing our second instalment of the handy production guide. I have since learnt more nuggets of knowledge which I will be passing on through the medium of video.

Last week has turned out to be a very corporate week. Lots of big name brands (Sony, Tele-visual Magazine Magazine, BBC, NUS) using our Sound-proof Studio 2. The Studio has been white (instead of green) all week so look out for some very angelic corporate pieces coming from the above sources very soon. (see pic below)

 This sensible vibe was thrown totally in the air by the return of LUTI Media's crew and their music video producers. They bought the rhythm and the noise to a very understated week of bookings. LUTI Media have raised their profile so look out for their new projects
very soon.

A few weeks ago I wrote a small piece on one of our Studio Staff, Tai Campbell.  This week we have our resident Editor/ PC/MAC genius Mr Edward Szekely. Ed has a range of skills but an allergy to wheat so we make sure we cater for his needs and he edits our clients some fantastic and varied peices. Ed and his friends have been working on a mini series, Behind the Bytes. 

Ed has been getting some excellent viewing figures online. See the 1st episode of Behind the Bytes here.

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Until next time....

Sam Parkinson

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