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Friday, 2 September 2011

Blog the Day Away

Hi to all Camberwell Studio followers, both on Twitter and Facebook.

Also Hi to all Notting Hill Carnival attendees and artists representing many different cultures. I had a great time at the Carnival and had the chance to chat to few guys backstage about the music scene and future projects Camberwell Studios can collaborate on. 

Our studio was represented at the carnival in the form of our resident Trinidadian, Lorraine (seen below with 'The Gadgets Show's, 'Jason Bradbury') our graphics designer, Studio technician and fabulous artist. 

 She designed and painted our lovely entrance sign ( further below) in the Trinidad Style. Lorraine’s also in a steel pans band so she has many talents including budget music video production seen here. This video was shot at the studio using our gritty urban surroundings, garden and warehouse sections which are perfect for urban/ industrial music videos.

Also this week the debate over the Canon 7D vs. 5D Mark II DSLR range. This argument was put to the test as we welcome a regular corporate client into the studios who had been previously using a Handicam to make his short pieces to camera to be used on his website. Recently demand for his work has pushed him into DSLR territories and his booking was a chance to test the ups and downs of DSLR’s including its audio downfalls (no gain control etc). This debate could make this blog go on forever so please see the best forum I found on-line for this argument and use the range of advice from these experts who see the 2 cameras differently. Me? I would go for the 5D mark ll. 

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