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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Blog Wan!?

Hi loyal followers and readers of the ever growing Camberwell Studios Blog,

Your trusted writer has just returned from a fantastic trip to Jamaica (hence the wagwan title!)
During my trip I had the chance to speak to some local artists representing some Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga and Soul.

We recently welcomed Chrome to the Studios with his family. Chrome are big in Jamaica’s clubs and halls and regularly hold meets and dance events and heavily include the local community both in Jamaica and in the UK. 
Check out Chrome Baby and his new single shot at Camberwell Studios on Channel U very soon!

We have had some great interest in our Production Packages. People have responded well to the prices and simplicity so we continue to develop this area. Luckily we have met lots of producers, directors, camera ops and production managers that have shown us some very key points to creating cost effective pieces to camera, on time and in budget.

To continue the theme of introducing the Camberwell Studios team, We have Aude, our lovely housekeeper who is in today. She cleans and locks up for all of you late Studio finishers getting your cutaways, noddys and last gasp shots. Aude is a great asset to the team and she has a good knowledge of the work and requirements in the Studio.

Today we have a dog charity shooting with lots of cute dogs running about on a green screen treadmill. This Jack Russell, 'Brazen' has a cheeky look in his eyes and he may well prove to be trouble! Think the Dogs are having some trouble keeping on the treadmill.

Talking of Animals running riot in Studios we welcome the Blue Peter Team to the Studios to film their brand new opening titles.  
Older readers may remember the hilarious clip of the elephant causing havoc in the Blue Peter Studio. Lets hope Brazen doesn't cause the same mischief!

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Until next time...

Sam Parkinson - Studio Manager

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