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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hi to all South London readers (and others who have been reading worldwide too)

To Indian readers svāgata kī abhivyakti kā aṅgrējī śabda
To Ozzie readers, Good day!
To the Albanian reader! Tungjatjeta!

Welcome. The blog continues and is picking up pace and followers. I never thought people would want to read my thoughts and musings about our productions but considering the variation of films and people that grace our facility we are truly lucky to come into a different setting and atmosphere everyday.

Readers of the previous blog may notice an animal theme emerging in my writing. These great apes went absolutely totally bananas, positively ape s**t, as they had to work for peanuts etc etc!!! This ad, shot in our studio 1 was for an online car parts  commercial and we wish them luck.

Continuing the animal theme the BBC were shooting stills for their 'Deadly Art' series. Studio 1's rigging managed to support a scorpion made from rubber tyres, a wooden bear, 2 wooden dolphins, skunks, badgers and all manner of artwork. See the results here.

Jane, our lovely accountant is in today. She makes sure we are paying our bills, our garden plants are watered, the white and green paint is bought for our Studio painting. She also keeps tends to keep me and my receipts in order too. Jane is a great member of the team and she really keeps the place and the finances running smoothly. Jane, as a glamorous 'child of the 70's' has been posing for Milan Fashion week for the mature set of models. She is a regular jet-setter and has been to many of the top fashion shows.
 Jane and her partner work with set building and studio building too. Including our newly to be updated infinity cove and flooring planned for Studio 1 soon.

On a final note we have a few builders bums around the studio as the prop building team are making a corridors with weird angles for a Feature teaser and fight scene. 

The teaser will use every bit of the Studio including the upstairs section for a fight scene (used in EPIK videos Mr Phillpotts Music Video) seen here

Our roof terrace, storage bay, Studio 1 and 2 will be used to create many sections of the teaser. Once shot it will edited over the weekend and then flown to LA to meet and show to the financiers. All the best of luck with the shoot and the pitch.

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Until next time...

Sam Parkinson - Studio Manager

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