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Friday, 28 October 2011

Oh What a week in Blogsville!

Hi Guys,

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

This week saw our biggest production EVER. So many gaffers, riggers, Set designers, technicians, actors. The poor cleaner/night time Studio technician/ parking attendant/ Studio Manager.

Using the whole facility the production team were all really great although quite demanding on our energy bill! What more do they want a moon on a stick???
Well yes, they got a moon on a stick. In the form of a 100,000 Watt bank of lights that illuminated our roof from a 100ft crane. The scene showed a huge fight sequence breaking out!

We take our collective hats off to all of you as this was a great piece of work and we look forward to the results of Rise of Kane. (details to follow!)

We also reached out to the film-making community this week. We always keep on top of productions and check up on films and shows in-development, pre-production, and those being currently produced. 
 One of which is a Studio made feature Starring Hollywood’s Ed Harris (Abyss, Truman Show) As an aging tightrope walked in Paris moving in for his Final tightrope walk, the feature will be set across the beautiful landscape of 1930’s Paris. We had a very similar themed shoot. (see below) and we hope that the production team see the possibilities and Mr Harris turns our humble facility into a Parisian vista soon!

NEWSFLASH. News just in. Tony Robinson AKA Baldric from Blackadder . The ‘Time Team’s’ long suffering (in the cold, bony filled mud!) presenter graced our Studios this week!

Tony Robinson loses it after one more 'cunning plan' joke!!

Mr Robinson was shooting a promo for a range of new history based children's books. Shot in our Studio 2 using our Production package 2.

More news on our Staff this week too. Myself and our studio assistant Anna went on a 1 day emergency 1st aid training course with Carlton Training in Kings Cross. We learned how to keep casualties alive until Paramedics arrive. We learned CPR , the recovery position and lots of other vital 1st aid training. Studio production can be hazardous and although Camberwell Studios go to great lengths to avoid any issues you can never be too prepared and it has given the staff and clients here great confidence that help could be on hand should we ever need it (touches wood!)

In the words of Mr Atkinson to his Blackadder co-star. 

"Baldric, you have the intellectual capacity of a dirty potato."

Untill next week. Take care

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Until next time...

Sam Parkinson - Studio Manager

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