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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Jingle Blogs

Hi  Guys,

Xmas is nearly upon us and our space heaters have been working overtime to keep artists and crew xamssy toasty in Studio 1. The hardest working of the crew and the danciest dancers ensure they stay warm. So pull up your winter socks and get working! (or dancing, below!)

We have been all working on our Camberwell Studios Xmas Video this week.  Reindeers, Angels on trolleys, xmas carols, funny hats and the boss dressed up as Santa. (That really was the highlight) Please stay tuned for more info and a chance to see the whole Camberwell Studios team making silly fools of themselves. Don’t worry. Santa has a present for all of you. In the form of a very ,very generous special offer indeed.  You’ll have to wait until after Xmas to find out though. No peeking at your pressies!

Talking of pressies we have all been reading some very engrossing and thought provoking books left to us by Macmillan Publishers after their shoot. Remember the ‘Dear Zoo, children’s books by Rod Campbell? (see pic) 
Gone are the pop up elements of old. Replaced now by digital  animal noises that were created by the team at Macmillan. Great to hear the live versions from some of the crew. Most notably the monkey noise. Very, very convincing. A lovely team who still had that childish element at heart although very professional.

From animals in books to animals in beds. If our studio infinity coved walls could talk. What would they have seen? They would have been looking down upon a full ‘naughty' scene demonstrating the science of making love. Using high tech, ifra-red cameras the documentary was totally in the name of science and will be shown on Channel 4 (unsurprisingly) in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled or hidden (depending on your age!)

We at Camberwell Studios have been developing several sections of our website:
FAQ’s seen here. The FAQs deal with the majority of requests including kit and crew deliveries and logistics. Tech support and info and some of the more weird and wonderful requests we get. 'Is there room to feed our reindeer?' Yes. There is!

 We pride ourselves on making sure our clients are really well looked after and the right elements are in place to support the project. We take customer service very seriously and our testimonials show a varied group of clients and productions so please take the time to see our testimonials page and check out their work. This blog, Twitter and Facebook are growing examples of the community we are building and conversations we start about tech updates, production news and after- booking care we provide. Testimonials seen here!

This week saw a test pilot for a gameshow created in Studio 1. A show in which the unknowing contestant is shown clips of their lives and asked question supplied by friends and family. Details are hush hush and we wish them the best of luck in the future. The creative team behind this particular shoot were responsible for the new Nokia Lumia mobile phone release seen here. It looks amazing and took 6 months to plan. Using 20 cinema projects , The DJ DeadMau5, and a huge building to display a beautiful 3D projection. 

If any potential clients wish to make a pilot we can ensure our Studio 1 is perfectly set-up for flexible positioning of lights, camera, projections etc. Our lights are easily rigged and on stands and our team here will be on hand to support all creative elements. Please see our rates page for more details. 
 This particular shoot in Studio 1 was handled by some runners that we regularly use to assist in large projects. Tommy, who has now worked on 2x shoots has really excelled and picked up can handle lots of production aspects from running, lighting set-up and client liason. We ensure our runners have experience or a good head on their shoulders.

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Until next time...

Sam P. - Studio Manager

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