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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm forever Blogging Bubbles

Hi there all,

Serious note! Your blog writer here is getting married, in Portugal, when the flights are expensive over school holidays. Ok, Maybe I should leave this blog as a professional piece? Maybe I should concentrate on Production values, the hottest new tech to buy, discuss the industries serious professionals. Or maybe I should tell you about the drunken behaviour of some of TV industries top bods at Production Base’s Freelancer of the Year awards. 

 Presented by Matt Allright who has the unenviable task of presenting with Anne Robinson on BBC’s Watchdog. She is terrifying. She can look into the soul of any ‘weakest link’ contestant and melt their beating heart and make dam sure they never wear that floral blouse EVER again! 

I digress. Matt led us through the categories, gave some industry insight and described the changing nature of TV and what the award nominees maybe doing in the future.

The winners can be seen here and we wish them all luck. I think I may have looked like the freelancer of the year as I was congratulated a few times on my award (which I was never even nominated for.) One gentleman was so insistent that I was Runner of the year, ‘Phil Wallis’ he couldn’t accept no for an answer. After a few more beers and banter I gladly accepted my accolade from anyone wishing it upon me. Phil, If your reading, Congratulations on being a terribly handsome fella.

Doppelgänger? You decide! (p.s Im not the Duck or Mouse!)

Also congratulations to Tai and his cast and crew of ‘The Unglamorous Life of These’Guys. Their new production ‘The Douche and the Happiness. See the video here. The cast is made of our production crew and cast from some previous productions.

Very, Very exciting news now followers. (Well, for Camberwell Studio staff it is!)

Our lovely fish, James and May (named after James May and his ‘Things you need to know series) have a lovely new tank. We all watched on as they were set free in their new, fluorescent world. Complete with heater, statues, gravel and alot more water. We wish them luck in their new home. Chances are they have forgotten their old bowl already!

A Word from our sponsor (well advocate anyway) A friend of Camberwell Studios, Louis Odenoye who runs Stormont Studios. He deals with alot of artists looking to make a music video. We also send him all of our clients looking to do voiceovers and dubbing in conjunction with their shoots. 

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Until next time...

Sam P. - Studio

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