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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2 Guls 1 blog

Happy Xmas Readers,

This blog will provide a round up of the year that has been.
See links to previous work from clients who booked with Camberwell Studios and of course. Some of our own productions.

The man the legend. Mr James May
Crew hard at work

This is your last blog until a small sign off for xmas and new year  Someone called the other day asking if we were open xmas eve! Of course we would try and accommodate this request. I rather think we were the only aspect of said shoot which were happy to turn over on xmas eve.  

(Xmas Data Wrangling anyone? No? Thought not!) 

This is sometimes the case with bookings. There are some many cogs in the production machine and sometimes a project is green or red lit on the smallest of factors. For example, our Studio 2 booking called the Studio and asked..'Are seaguls allowed in your studio?!' As you can imagine, Not  an all that common request. I checked our insurance... surprisingly there was no mention of sea birds, wildfowl, winged beasts, trips of Dotterels, Doles of Doves or even a Murder of Crows in any of the small print so we were happy to let them in. Those birds just better watch out for James and May. (the Studio goldfishes – see previous blog)

This request was immediately followed by an off the cuff. 'Oh...Can we get a horse in Studio 2?
No! (I’m sure you could but I wouldn’t want to try. We are a Greenscreen Studio, not an Arc!)

We had a great response from our Xmas Video. Our silly singing and Benny Hill style comedy was in a vast contrast to the video Phink TV sent to us. See it here! Our effort starred the studio staff and it provides us with a good reminder of our lovely intern Lindsey who leaves us to go home for Xmas. We wish her well in all her studies. In particular her Geordie accent development. Lindsey was fascinated by the dialects used in that part of the world and offered a Californians angle on the regional tongue. Lindsey now knows more about it than anyone here although she has still no idea what they are saying! Lindsey worked on some very important tasks during her time here and has given us good research material for us to help clients booking our Greenscreen Studios.

Your writer has now worked at Camberwell Studios 1 year...What have I learnt about productions? There are so many ways to light for many different situations and everyone has different approaches to film-making. We have the 14hour promos which seem to 'almost be done' for about 4 hours, the short sharp shooters who took their time to get the one main shoot/set up they needed. We have had clients that have never operated a camera, clients and stars who have worked on the largest productions right through to complete digital video novices. 
We had James May leave his fish to us as a Studio Pet, we made best friends with the hands that feed us at Brunchies.
Studio 2 had a complete re-vamp. People really were pleased with its flexible use and reliable set-up. During every production I aim to learn a little bit more about production as a whole. Learned about digital media and their uses and benefits for corporates and online business.
Our proactive approach to building on experiences and developing our skills across manner of production techniques, the do's and donts of greenscreen, camera codecs, compression rates and other technical aspects. I have seen some very very good green screen and understood the possibilities and the future of digital video. This has given us some very good ideas, advice and approaches to our own work and for our clients.

See some examples below:

Check out our music video back catalogue. Good luck to all the bands and artists in 2012:

We have worked with a few charitable causes this year too and we wish them all luck.

Good to work with the major broadcasters too our soundproof Studio 2 proved great for live and non-live programmes.

Corporate Production made fun!

And finally we announce our Production Base Prize. We have teamed up with the good people at Production base to offer a full days booking in one of our wonderful studios. The prize is worth up to a £1000 pounds and is a fantastic opportunity for young film-makers to make a film, short, music video, show-reel. The world is your oyster! We provide the studio, set-up, lights and even studio tech support to really help the winner get the most out of their prize. We wish all the entrants luck and if you want to enter yourself or for more information then please see here.
Get thinking Production Basers. What would you make? What music Video would you create?

Thats all for this year. We thank you all for tweeting with us, facebooking us pictures and ideas.
Have a great xmas and we shall see you in the new year.

Many happy returns from all the Staff at Camberwell Studios.

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Until next year...

Sam P. - Studio Manager

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