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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Keep on Blogging...

Hi Film-makers and studio users alike,

Its school holidays so there’s been a busy influx of kids Ad’s and programmes being shot at the studio. This also means a busy influx of Mums/agents/PA/drivers. All of whom seem to be the same person. I’m sure when these young performers grow up to be big stars they will pay the mothers back somehow. We wish them the best of luck in the future careers.

Also this week we welcomed Luti Media’s crew of many, for a blacked out music video shoot starring a former EastEnders actor. Details of which are being kept hush hush by the management team but stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds to find out more later! 

 The shoot went well and our large studio 1 let alot of the heat escape so the artist was thankful her make-up didn’t run in this lovely weather.

Over the next few blogs we will introduce you to a member of our team. What their skills and interests are and how they make up the whole picture that is Camberwell Studios. They Bring knowledge in different fields and all have a range of skills to input to your project.

Tai Campbell. Our Music video specialist. Tai has a very creative eye and can build scenarios, images and shot lists to create some unique visuals. Tai has recently Directed Mr Phillpotts new music video, filmed Eliza Doolittle and The Streets and also spent some time on the set of a major feature film!

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Until next time...

Sam Parkinson/ Studio Manager

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