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Monday, 18 July 2011

A Blogs First Steps

A Blogs first steps...
Hi lovely people,
We have had a good response from our first Blog and it has given us the chance to think about the amazing diversity of shoots we have had over this week.

Last week saw the Silver Medallist Olympic diver Leon Taylor presenting a piece to camera using tracking points.

The Studios are perfect for using tracking points and can be used to great affect with careful cropping and rota scoping. The space can be made much larger and more useable for big scenes.

In the coming months we will talk to the experts and explain how to get the most out of your green-screen studio shoot. From our experience with working with the UK’s top greenscreen video and filmmakers we have built an in-depth knowledge of the best green screen practices.
Please see our first instalment of Camberwell Studios Handy Production Guide. See it here now.

The Production Guide will list a range of topics helping potential clients to a smooth production. The hints, tips and tutorials will be created monthly so please stay tuned for further updates.
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Until next time

Sam Parkinson
Studio Manager - Camberwell Studios

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