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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Blog is Born

This is it. This is the beginning.

Our first blog as Camberwell Studios and my first blog as Studio Manager.

So, where to start ……


We intend this blog to become a useful resource for filmmakers of all types.

So we’ll be writing articles covering lighting for greenscreen, which is the best camera for a music video, the pro’s and cons of DSLRs v the more traditional film camera’s etc. We have a load of ideas waiting to be turned into entertaining prose for you.

We’ll be covering some of the projects that come into our studios and explaining why you would want to roast a couple of hogs at our studios.

We hope to start a dialogue with our customers and future customers.

Most of all we want to make your visit to our blog like a visit to our studios – friendly, relaxed and enjoyable.

First off the blocks for our blog will be a production guide to setting up 3 point lighting – with example videos showing you how.

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Until next time...
Sam Parkinson
Studio Manager
020 7737 0007 / 07411328724

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