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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Feathers, Flakes, Fins and Fur (Blog)

Hi, Hello, Greetings, Squawk, Miaow, Hiss, 

Avid readers will know that here at Camberwell Studios we are very fond of our fish, and animals in general, which is why we have been very lucky over the past few weeks to be in-undated with critters of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully though they didn't all come at once as the cat that starred in a Studio 2 shoot had a beady eye on our goldfishes, had the dog, from a Studio 1 shoot, been in we could have had a crazy sort of food chain and eco-system right here in these very green walls!
Throw in a snake, a Perigrin falcon, and you would have had all sorts of feathers and flakes and scales flying about the place. (We threw in the seagul for good measure!)

We move onto some other interesting stories from the Camberwell Ark.. I mean studios... From animals to animal behaviour. Our recent band shoot encompassed an Elvis mirror, some swordplay, citrus fruit and flowers being burnt to a crisp. No, I wasn't taking acid with the band and their roadies, it was a series of objects deemed cool and retro enough to be burnt, live in Studio 1
Chatting to the band members I was explaining how un-rock & roll it was to make a video based on my previous experiences. When I first started working here at the studios I was under the impression that bands were going to be like crazy animals throwing TV's out of windows in an orgy of drugs and sex. I was wrong. The craziest it got on this particular shoot (pics above) was a small band disagreement as to whose cigarettes were lying around in the green room and one of the worst offenders in the band throw a lime down our driveway! Not quite plaster-cast penises (Motorhead I think!) and snorting lines of Ants (Ozzie Osbourne) is it? 

I'm glad the lads in the band were clean living as it means they can concentrate on normal life, working hard, practicing and gigging which, in this ever purse-tightening industry, is what you need to do to survive.

This leads me on to my next mention. We have identified around 100 members for the Indie Membership scheme and have been adding members as and when they pop up. Please see below for info.

Camberwell Studios are proud to present the 'Indie Membership Scheme'!

Young? Creative? On a very tight budget?’ If this is you then please read on.....

Camberwell Studios have worked with many young creative’s living in south London (and working in Shoreditch!) that have many smaller personal projects on the go, but maybe don’t have the budget for a full professional set-up.

Then this could be the scheme for you!'

Designed for Indy producers, solo artists, students, novices, Camberwell Studios recommended partners and previous clients. Independent film-makers who can operate last minute, and can get a small crew together to put those storyboards, pub ideas and graduate masterpieces into a visual reality…

The aim is to provide very affordable studio space for creative's that have tight budget constraints, have their own kit and can work to last minute call ups.

'Looking for a Studio, in green, with camera op, for a half day?
The Studio’s come pre-lit with dolly, track, mini-jib, black-out drapes and all of the kit you would need to film your masterpieces. Set up is provided by a professional technician so you get the availability email, you book, we plan, you turn up and shoot!

If you become an Indy Membership Member and If we have a slot free in one of our Green screen Studio spaces that week then you will receive an email alerting you to the availability of our Studios and if you have projects that have been sat on the backburner for a while, then this is the perfect opportunity to book with us at a very lost cost.

Indie Membership Scheme could be used for:
  • Music videos, EPK’s, performance recording
  • Development projects
  • Test shoots,
  • Pilot shoots
  • Game show format testing
  • Set build days
  • Training sessions
We have received some very good feedback for the Indie Membership Scheme and lots of filmmakers have been giving us their ideas

Its FREE to join, all you need to is fill in the small form and you will be added to the mailing list for updates, offers and low cost, last minute Studio space that is hard to say no to!

What are you waiting for? They say nothing comes for free... Well it does now (Not free but close to) 

So if you are like the band I mentioned in the 1st section above then get in touch. If you can get your ensemble, your contributors, the artist you represent or yourself ready, with a few days notice then we can offer our services at a massive discount.

Announcing the new winner of our PRIZE DRAW 

                             Congratulations to Stuart -              

Stuart Manages a band and would like to do a music video in our Studio 1. Involving a padded cell and face masks. maybe Ill get to see some of the wilder antics with his proposed shoot. Maybe they'll be as conscientiousness and hard working as the guys from the band I'm talking about.... 

Here's what Stuart had to say about winning the prize draw.

''Winning the studio time prize was fantastic news and great timing''

I manage an up and coming rock band Never A Hero ( and with them having just finished their new album, we were just in the process of looking at what to do for the next video
The last video was the first single Burning Skies" off of the new album "Bleed between the lies". It turned out great and so we knew the next one had to top that one.
For the eagle eyed amongst you - you may spot Bruce Jones (aka Les Battersby) in the last video. 

You will also see that Never A Hero perform in straight jackets and masks so when a padded cell got mentioned, it certainly got the old creative juices flowing.
Nothing is totally set in stone as yet, but it is looking like the video will be for the song "Screams of Silence" and we have indeed got thoughts on a padded cell theme.....with a few Never a Hero twists of course and knowing this band, there will be a thousand changes between now and shoot apologies in advance to the amazing folk at Camberwell Studios

For anyone looking to check out the band please connect with them at any of the following...

Website -
Facebook -
You Tube -
Twitter -

''Thanks again for this great prize'' - Stuart'

(A picture of one of the band members claiming his prize. He scared a child shooting a Barbie Doll advert in Studio 1. She said he looked scary! )

Congratulations to Stuart and also to Jamaine - who was the 5th winner of the prize. He shot his video here last Friday. He still has some location shoots to complete but here are some pictures below
Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

Please continue to join our mailing list, ‘like’ us on Facebook and tweet with us on Twitter.!/FilmStudiosUK

Until next week....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 

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