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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

X Factor Blog

Hi Guys,

I am back from my Honeymoon with my beautiful new wife Claudia. Sad to be home  
and cold but excited to hear of all the things that went on in my absence. 
Firstly we had the Olly Murs and Caroline flack shooting in Studio 1 for the XtraFactor for ITV. 
Caroline did her very best Niki Ninaj Impression and Olly did his best 'Dumb and Dumber'
impression but getting his tongue stuck to an ice sculpture. 
We also got a credit on the X factor show thanking us for our support

We also had David Tenant shooting in Studio 2. Unlike the Tardis studio 2 is as big on the 
inside as it is outside. Here he is with our music video director Tai Campbell.
Please watch James May's, Things You Need to Know, all of which was shot in our studio 2 and involved alot of fishy reconciliatons, motorbike stunts in corridoors, greasy fatty food diets and much more backstage antics.
 Watch the link of last Mondays episode...
....and watch again on Monday the 20th August.
See his previous blog entries listed below. 
Prize draw update
                                                       This months prize winner is:
                                                             Joy Gharoro-Akpojoto:

"Award-winning writer/producer, Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with a BA in Film Studies and subsequently completed an MA in Creative Writing in Films, Plays and TV from City University, London.
With DreamCoat Productions she has established a strong dynamic voice as a writer and producer. Her work has achieved worldwide distribution through various prominent international festivals, including being commissioned by Stratford Theatre Royal to write a play"
Links to work is: (a commercial we did for a hotel) (an experiential showreel) ( a short I produced)
I put various links, just so you can pick one that you feel would  be better. They are all relatively short, including the short film.
On what we want to do in the studio, it is a short 60 second look at the boxers anatomy as they prepare for a fight. We're hoping to get both Chris Evangelou and Nicola Adams who recently won gold in boxing at the Olympics.
The idea is that the boxer is throwing a punch towards the punching bag and we have close ups of their muscles as they do this, so close up of biceps, sweat on the face, legs moving, chalk coming off their hands, and as they hit the bag, we cut to them knocking someone out in the ring. We're looking to shoot everything in slow motion.

Previous prize winner update:

Jose, ' Beto' - 4am Films

The below comment came after Jose's shoot and we are looking forward to seeing some pictures of the day too.

'Andy and he was incredibly helpful. Only Joseph was with us during the shoot and he too was a key piece during the process.
Not only did the music video was shot, but also that ad for 4 am films with actors Adam Loxley and Natasha (don't have her surname right now) and we had a blast.
I have to thank you and the people at Camberwell for your un compromised support and aid, since without you, none f these little projects would see the light of day.'

Previous winner update:

Jamiane - Musicbyjam - 

The below is an update on Jam's work and how he plans to use his winning studio day.

 i've decided that i want to attempt to shoot scenes for 3 of my songs, so essentially three shoots in one as the shots will be fairly simple, roughly 2 hours each or so, as the ideas i have tend to involve mixing plain footage with Black screen shots of me preforming to cam, and in other songs, want to do some more visual effects type of stuff. Thinking it would Jumping off buildings, chroma keying people into location. Below are some of my basic inspiration stages for the blog (Hope some of these are okay to be used as there screen grabs from other peoples video): -

I started by looking at other artist video's for inspiration, while listening to my music to get a feel for how i would like the videos to look and the themes: -

That's all for this edition. Many thanks to all my readers and its great to know that the Indie Membership scheme is getting alot of attention and I look forward to hearing more from you.


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Until next time....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 
 020 7737 0007  

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