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Monday, 11 June 2012

To a fish tank in the sky


I entered work a few weeks ago to find 'Top Gear's James May trying to get his motorbike (see pic below) through our corridor. Quite a surreal start to the day. This was to be one of many random additives to the scientific formula for the new series of  'James May's, Things you need to know' Series 2, which was shot using our Studio 2 again. Readers of the blogs will remember last year that we adopted one of the 1st series's props, in the form of 2 goldfish. One we named James, and the other? Unsurprisingly, was called May. (We hoped May was a girl and tested several scientific contributors on the exact sex of the fish. I think that on these particular shoots the contributors were astrophysicists and brain surgeons rather than marine biologists so their guess was as good as ours!) 

James was re-united with the name-sakes fish who bore no resequence to Mr May whatsoever. I wait with baited (excuse the pun) breath for the new series as the first series  taught me a lot about science and comes highly recommended by Camberwell Studios. Coming soon to BBC 2.
At the time of going to digital press we have sad news for you. May, the goldfish mentioned above, died on Sunday 3rd June 2012. Please see her previous blog here for some key moments in her life and see the poem below for a summary. 

My dear sweet fish has gone away
He said, "I'm sorry friend, but I can't stay.
"You may be sad and you may cry,
"But all that's born one day must die.
"For though I've gone to that Tank Above
"I'll remember always that you gave me love."
And so I dried my tears and then
Said not "goodbye", but "We'll meet again.".
My goldfish, my friend, though we must part
You'll be in my thoughts and swim in my heart.

Prize draw winners info now. Congratulations to the 4th winner. J.Alberto Cerillo.
Beto (for short) is still finalising his project. Beto has been very busy so he's been working hard getting all his elements together. The prize is designed to give creative talents a chance to build their portfolios and in the case of the previous winner Neil Genower, It has been very difficult to tie down Neil as he's is very busy with bookings. So on the one hand he has lots of work on his plate already, which is great, but it also means we may have to give the prize away as Neil simply has no time to organise everything. We are waiting on his final date to shoot. Stay tuned because it could be very special if he finds the time!

Also in prize-draw news.
Sarah Bick, from the March draw is furiously editing away somewhere but has sent the below action shot as a taster. This is what she had to say about here piece and I shall try not to give it all away: 

'I've been thinking that the best format to make the most of the studio day, is to make a test commercial, responding to an online brief. I love adverts, and wanted a project to try more compositing and animation ideas, so really looking forward to this. The technique will be heavy on editing, but I can film all of the material quite swiftly with greeenscreen.
A feel-good 30 second film, documentary camera-style, and a fantasy composited end.'

Sarah was making a Cola commercial where someone enters into a bottle of coke for a big party full of balloon sized bubbles, air hostess style cola girls, tracking markers and funny hats. I can't wait to see the finished article. Sarah and the whole team were really really lovely and we wish them all luck, especially the caffeine addict who shall remain nameless. Chances are she is still shaking. You know who you are!

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!


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Until next time....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 

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