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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Quick off the blogs

Hi Blog readers and all those who continue to enter our prize draw,

Prize draw winner for April has been announced and notified.

Congratulations to Jose Alberto Cerillo 
(or Beto for short)

Sorry to those who missed out but you can still enter for our May Draw here.

The previous winner, Sarah Bick, has booked some time to come in and use our studio 1 for a video and plans to use the project to build on her portfolio.

Aprils winner, Beto is going to visit the studio to discuss what project has has in mind. Sarah Bick the previous winner in March is very nearly ready to come in an use the space.

The Free Studio Day we offer has led to some very interesting ideas from parties. Some have never ever made a film, some are old hats and have never had full creative control over their shoots and would love the opportunity to make something new and different. Most have worked mainly in corporate video and have not had the time to dream and realise their visions so we hope the prize draw winners can make a piece that they can really be proud of, and not just happy it's been signed off!

Best to explain the title now. Michael Johnson, Olympic Medallist, world record holder (until Usain Bolt beat it!) shot a video in Studio 2 for and Olympic project. There is not much to say about it, very polite, very efficient. I was going to start with a pun or one-liner but ll leave to Tim Vine to that! (see below). 

'I continually asked the track coach about joining the team but he just kept giving me the run-around.'

The Studio welcomed, a much slower off the sprinting blocks, Ian Poitier and his friend and client, Per, who runs and teaches for a company called Hollywood Camera-work
 Ian and Per had a students with a range of film and non-film based expertise visit our Studio 1 to understand and learn about motion tracking, placing tracking markers and every step in between. Using our chromakey green paint with 1 part black to 30 parts green will give you a good key-able colour to paint tape for adding tracking markers to the wall. The seminar by Hollywood Camera-work guys was invaluable training for anyone delving into green screen for the first time and experienced pro's who want a try at some new technology.

We also welcomed Jenya to Studio 2. Jenya was making a surprise video for her fathers birthday to be shown in  her home town in Ukraine. Jenya was holding up boards with Russian text (similar to the link below from' Love Actually')  to show on a big screen at her old man's bash.

This was combined with her brothers rap video and their Grandmothers music video! We wish her Dad a very happy birthday indeed!

What a busy week I think you'll agree and as I sit here awaiting Studio 2 to finish for the day (we are flexible with wrap times unless its the  next European Cup and England are playing in which case they have to finish on time!) I am sitting here thinking of one-liners to come up with the next section this trusted blog. We also welcomed Tim Vine to the studio to shoot some sketches for a video. Tim came, he saw, he took his trousers off, put them back on again, ate us out of bacon sandwiches, walked in a puddle and generally made us laugh all day with his requests. What a thoroughly amiable, nice and funny gentlemen and we wish him luck.

See his website link here for some very funny one liners .

What would make this piece better? A great piece of camera kit that's what! We have been using a great hire company the supply us, and our clients with the all the top kit. Please see Genesis Hire for all of your kit needs. And now a word from our friends...

All your broadcast needs can be catered for, from camera and VTR hire, to crewing and portable virtual studios. We specialise in High Definition (HD) and tapeless solutions. With paramount importance placed on quality and support, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned, tested and checked by our experienced engineers and all hires are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our commitment to our clients is unparalleled because, we believe, you have a choice!

Genesis hire

Who's been watching Britain's Got Talent? Not me. I have a life (I was visiting my Mother, alphabetising my CD collection, washing my hair and sleeping, all are more exciting than BGT) Nevertheless the show last year, for me, was brightened up by the inclusion of a group of young lads by the name of New Bounce who got to the semi-final of ITV's flagship show last year.

 They came in to shoot a video in Studio 1 and If I do say myself there was one of the band who stood out for his resemblance to a young Michael Jackson and he certainly had the moves and voice too. We wish them, their Mums (they'll hate me for saying that!) and the agent all the best luck.

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

Please continue to join our mailing list, ‘like’ us on Facebook and tweet with us on Twitter.

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