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Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Fish Called ..... Marilyn

Hi guys,

Last week we told you of the sad demise of our little May. One half of our  pet Goldfish duo along with James. See Blog here for details and reassurance I'm not going mad!). James spent a few sad days on his own, getting lonely and not knowing why (poor memory!) He spent ages in his corner, starring at his fishy reflection spitting, sucking up gravel and then out again in an insane cycle of animal instincts.  We really thought that this would be the end for him and we would have to replace the tank with a bunch of flowers, coffee machine, work desk for Studio 2 clients or something inanimate, simple, low maintenance and boring but ultimately not sad. There was to be a good ending to this story. We purchased a lovely bunch of new fish for James to play with. Now he's the smallest fish in the pond and all this new activity is keeping him on his....flippers, fins, scales, gills etc. Please meet Marilyn (red lips) and the twins. They are completely identical and impossible to tell apart, one darts one way, the other followers in a harmonious union. Like water based, gold medal standard, synchronised swimming! 

Camberwell Studios are proud to present the 'Indie Membership Scheme'!

‘Young? Creative? On a very tight budget?’ Then this could be the scheme for you!' 

Camberwell Studios have worked with many young creative’s living in south London (and working in Shoreditch!) that have many smaller personal projects on the go, but maybe don’t have the budget for a full professional set-up. 

Designed for Indy producers, solo artists, students, novices, Camberwell Studios recommended partners and previous clients. Independent film-makers who can operate last minute, and can get a small crew together to put those storyboards, pub ideas and graduate masterpieces into a visual reality…


The aim is to provide very affordable studio space for creative's that have tight budget constraints, have their own kit and can work to last minute call ups.

'Looking for a Studio, in green, with camera op, for a half day?

The Studio’s come pre-lit with dolly, track, mini-jib, black-out drapes and all of the kit you would need to film your masterpieces. Set up is provided by a professional technician so you get the availability email, you book, we plan, you turn up and shoot!
If you become an Indy Membership Member and If we have a slot free in one of our Green screen Studio spaces that week then you will receive an email alerting you to the availability of our Studios and if you have projects that have been sat on the backburner for a while, then this is the perfect opportunity to book with us at a very lost cost.

Indie Membership Scheme could be used for:
Music videos, EPK’s, performance recording
Development projects
Test shoots, 
Pilot shoots 
Game show format testing
Set build days
Training sessions

Joe See and his very own music video (above) was a perfect example of how the Indie Membership can work for indie artists. Joe was a chef for the Queens gairds at Buckingham Palace and he really wanted to make a video. He arranged to come in a few days before his ideal shoot date. We booked him a Studio, camera and operator and he completed the edit himself. He has never worked in film before yet his results are fantastic.

We have received some very good feedback for the Indie Membership Scheme and lots of filmmakers have been giving us their ideas.
Its FREE to join, all you need to email to register your interest, a small section about yourself and a reason why you wish to be included into this scheme Then you will be added to the mailing list for updates, offers and low cost, last minute Studio space that is hard to say no to!

As the scheme above provides last minute, affordable studio space to members don't forget 
Studio 1 is already fantastic value. We provide a friendly, flexible service and you can book Studio 1 or 2 by clicking here. 

Others that have used Studio 1 over the past few weeks is an up and coming group called Alt-J. 
From now on Blogs will pay special tribute to bands who have recently used the studio and their work is of excellent merit. Good enough to listen to over and over again as they set-up for repeated takes. Music so good that it sounds good when played through a wall, in reverse, in double time or only half way through. It also has to sound good with random drum sounds as the drummer mimes certain bits then really hits it when theres no other way to hit the drums! 


alt-J (∆)’s name takes a little explaining. Pronounced “alt-J”, the delta sign is created when you hold down the alt key on your computer keyboard and punch ‘J’ on a Mac computer. The symbol has a deeper meaning for the band, as guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change,” and the band’s relatively new name came at a turning point in their lives.

Agile Films who were making their video are super duper nice. We cant show any pictures or even discuss what was being filmed (all very hush hush exciting etc) but its safe to say the track sounds great and we wish them luck. 

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

A word from the winner in May -  Congratulations - Jamaine Obeng

"I was really surprised to hear i had won the competition, I think it's great the guys at Camberwell Studio's gave people to chance to win a day in the studio, for unsigned artist like myself it is a great opportunity and can't wait to get shooting"

I am a 23-year old Musician/Producer/Videographer from North-West London, my goal with my music has always been to create a unique blend of all the different sounds around me, while most importantly telling a story. I try to include all types of music, from the Early sounds of Soul/Motown and Rock, to modern Hip Hop, Grime, Pop, Indie and beyond. I am currently working on a new album entitled 'Stars & The Moon' and hope to shoot a video for one of the tracks on it
Given the importance of visuals with modern music i try to look carefully at the visuals which represent my music, i really hope to do something different, given this opportunity to use Camberwell Studio's will be a great chance to create a special piece to accompany some of my latest music and I am really looking forward to it!  (Recorded at Camberwell Studios)


Please continue to join our mailing list, ‘like’ us on Facebook and tweet with us on Twitter.!/FilmStudiosUK

Until next time....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 
020 7737 0007 

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