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Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Blogment Jaxx

Hi to all Production Show and BVE attendants (and of course those who couldn't make it too!)

It was great to see you all down there and I hope you built an ever growing wish list of kit that caught your eye? Maybe you caught some incisive seminars or just met some great contacts? We had the chance to leave our stand and explore the show and see some great displays, see some future opportunities for the Studios and looked for ways to update our products and services on offer.

Our main objective was to meet people, let them know about our Studio day giveaway prize (see previous blog here for info the January winner and her plans for her prize) and develop plans over this year.

Our neighbours and friends at the show Trickbox TV , a mobile production unit, offers flexible production packages that suit most event  coverage needs, BBC approved HD cameras and everything else you’ll need in one portable flight case and can be combined very effectively with one of studio bookings.

Trickbox TV Ltd have designed and built a bespoke gallery and studio in a box. It’s a cleverly engineered SD and HD file-based portable production unit (PPU) packaged in two small and compact flight cases, designed to be ‘live in seconds’, capable of any broadcast or corporate shoot, AGM, webcast, music event or festival. You provide the space, we’ll provide everything else.

We also had the chance to speak to a few directory companies at the show. The below company is mainly focussed on working with and supporting, British directors.
Directors UK and Camberwell Studios are in talks about some possible collaborations with some of their members initially offering their members a discount scheme for Indy projects. Just in the ideas phase at the moment but please stay in touch for more info.

Directors UK, formerly DPRS, was launched inJune 2008 as the single voice of British film and television directors. It is now both a collecting society and campaigning body with over 4,000 members.

Camberwell Studios offer a flexible space for indy producers and directors to let them get creative without lots of red-tape and paperwork. We can cope with last minute changes to plans with full logistics support, earlier ‘get-ins' if needed, late kit delivery and collection, prep time, set-build planning support and crew requirements. 
Please see our FAQs here for other useful info when pencilling one of our Green-screen, blackout or whitewashed spaces.

In addition to our 2 studios we offer natural skylight lit space (below), great for photo shoots and music videos. This gritty, urban environment has power access and is typically booked with Studio 1.

From a world War 2 Bunker to a music video setting the space is definitely worth a look. Also worth seeing (as long as your OK with working at heights!) is our roof space. 'The Rise Of Cain' production shows our roof space as a whole and combined with a huge set build in Studio 1 tured out to be a very good example of our variation of work.
 This particular production wheeled in a huge crane, which parked in our car park (see below pic of the drive in access and parking we offer) and was rigged with lights and suspended to eliminate the flat roof we have. Lots of bumps, textures, flat and curved sections all with safe walled barriers for safety make the roof space a fantastic addition to the studio and its options available.

This week we welcome Goldie the Drum and Bass DJ who is making a music video due out on the 12th March. Details are still hush hush but check out our tweets for info as it comes up. Our Director Andy's Mother spoke to him of the morning of the Goldie shoot and in passing enquired if we 'had anyone famous in the studios this week'? Andy replied 'Not anyone you will have heard of Mum' (bearing in mind she is quite old and not an avid drum and bass fan - although I could be wrong) Just to prove it to Andys Mum, here is the picture below.

Also in today are Basement Jaxx. (see below pic) Very nice people they are too. They are in a trying their talented hands at their own music video production. Our Music Production arm of Camberwell Studios, EPiK, have been briefly chatting about flexible, last minute bookings  which could bring life to album tracks that may never have had a music video. Backstage EPK’s and other promotional material can be made within very reasonable budgets with quick turnarounds. Felix from the band attempted his own stunt! He asked his vocalist to jump on our green boxes only to nearly do a summersault and land face down. DJ, Music Video producer and avid and amateur stuntman. Is there any end to their talents?

Many thanks to all at the BE, production show visitors and all who entered our Feburary prize draw.

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

Please continue to join our mailing list, ‘like’ us on Facebook and tweet with us on Twitter.!/FilmStudiosUK

Until next week....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 

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