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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bloggers delight

Hi Everyone,

Prize draw winner for Feb has been announced and notified.

Congratulations to Neil Genower!

Sorry to those who missed out but you can still enter for our March Draw here.

The previous winner (see Jan winners blog here) Sarah has booked some time to come in and use our studio 1 for a photo shoot and plans to use the project to build on her portfolio.

Feb's winner - Neil Gowner is going to visit the studio to discuss what project has has in mind. Sarah from the previous January winner is very nearly ready to come in an use the space.

A word from our sponsor (well our lunch sponsor anyway!) We are pleased to introduce... Brunchies Deli Bar. 

We send all of our clients there as we know we can guarantee the best service and food and good prices. Run by Ozzie and his team they can rustle up some riggers grub or prepare a hearty corporate clients meal at very short notice.

The video embedded on Ozzies site (seen here) was a small and simple creation from our sister company, Webvideos, who create short, yet innovative films for small businesses who want to give a face to their expanding products and services.

Also this week we have been looking into buying the new Canon C300 and have received some very mixed reviews. Maybe it is in the teething stage of its development. Hopefully after a few more shoots with feedback we can comment further. There was a problem with the lack of a 10bit output but this seems to be a rare request.

(Looks great!)

Positive comments include:

    - Increased light sensitivity
    - EF lenses on a proper camcorder, without the need of expensive adapters
    - 4:2:2 50MBit codec
    - Proper batteries (they last FOREVER, we got almost 5 hours out of one of the big ones
    - No aliasing or moiré
See all of the below links and hopefully this will give you a better idea as to its uses and functions.

The Canon C300 with an EF mount was used for the last weekends music video shoot involving a beautiful old Volvo. 

Using back projection, snow, wind, water and bright sunlight they chartered the journey of a newly married couple in their 1st drive into their new life. Wrought with danger perhaps? Well, maybe not so as after the logistics of cleaning up the snow and water they had run out of time for the danger element in the story. Maybe all is well for the new couple? Stay tuned for final edit.

We also welcomed Disney who were shooting a sting for a new project called Karate Party involving some pretty impressive Kung Fu fighting. Sadly the Karate experts hapless victims were a bunch of Easter eggs (an Easter promo) There was not even any for the crew! The Karate expert gleefully smashed through chocolate eggs in slow motion which looked amazing. If you have kids and are up at with them to watch TV then tune in!

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

Please continue to join our mailing list, ‘like’ us on Facebook and tweet with us on Twitter.!/FilmStudiosUK

Until next week....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 

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