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Monday, 13 February 2012

Winners Blog!

Hi Camberwell Blog Readers,

We have announced the winner of our Studio Day Give-Away Prize:

Congratulation Sarah Peace!

Here is the winners Bio:

'Sarah Peace is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Southwark. Her work, which takes often favours a vivid dynamic use of colours and often evoking 
reactions from audiences through use of borderline bawdy humour. 

Her Chicks photographic series in which foodstuff is presented in a bizarre sexually objectified form garnered her an outstanding exhibition award from
the New Milton fine art society in 2011.

Having recently relocated from Dorset to South London, she is immersing herself in the local scene and produced a collage artwork exhibited at the Peckham Space art gallery in November. 

The piece was an infusion of the various cultures, ethnicities and lifestyle predominant
in Peckham, dynamically embedded onto a surreal underwater seascape.'

(An arrangement of spaghetti, linguini and peppercorns)

(No it’s not a glamour model. It’s chicken breast fillet)

Sarah was delighted to be the recipient of the first ever Camberwell Studios prize draw. 

“I had noted the studio as one of the great resources in the area and was pleasantly
surprised to be given the prize. It’s a great opportunity for any young artist to have this
kind of space to work in. I’m putting plans together to collaborate with keen artists and
performers on an exciting film project. I’m excited about the vast possibilities the studio
offers the production.”

Her portfolio is available at

We will continue to promote and help our prize winners in anyway we can.

Please continue to enter the prize draw and send us your ideas as to what you would make with the Prize draw worth upto £1000!

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Until next week....

Sam P. - Studio Manager - 

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