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Monday, 19 November 2012

Blogs back

Hi Readers,

These past few weeks have really stretched the studios capabilities and this was highlighted and bought to the fore by the arrival of the London Film Academy. They had a huge prep session here and were we were able to offer some consultation for their large production.
  I love logistics, love it, love it. Organisation is not, repeat, not my strong point, but working here as studio manager has really developed this skill and now I find that with the correct 'to do' lists, prioritising and common sense I am able to provide a detailed schedule of logistical requirements to the point and to the right budget. Clients have been assisted by our consultation and our after-booking care. Sit in our lovely canteen area with a free cup of tea and lets hammer out a shot list and tech list too. If I don't know the answer Ill know someone that will.
Camberwell Studios are proud to offer this pre-booking/apres-booking  effort to make things a whole lot easier. The London Film academy enjoyed a discounted 'get-in' and get out rate to make sure that their booking day went smoothly. The consultation involved shooting up at 6 metres on our scaffold tower with a wide angle lens. This was to determine whether or not that marching 12 soldiers into studio 1 would work. 
After some carefull planning and floor markings and scratching heads we came up with a solid plan. Studio 1 required an extra bit of paint on the floor and some extra green screen walls added and as you can see from the below pictures our space can be tailored made for any type of shoot. Including:

  • Low angles (colorama roof is added)
  • High angles (scaffold tower upto 6m high)
  • Rigging (goal posts, draping, painting, pre-rigging)
See some of the extra prep work we did to make the London Film Academy's production work for them
The consultation time was a great way to prepare both the client and us, the studios, into the shoot ahead. it made the whole production day very effortless.

Thats it for this edition. We are drawing to the end of our Studio day give-away prize draw so get entering now!


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Until next time....

Sam P. - Studio Manager -
 020 7737 0007